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Our Vision

To provide great products at competitive prices. Through continual learning, capital investments, and growth, Keystone strives to be better today than we were yesterday.

Our goal is to continue to grow into new markets and industries while maintaining the highest level of excellence in our current product lines and services. By growing our business and becoming more efficient Keystone aims to provide our employees a better standard of living each and every year.

A Family Company

Keystone takes enormous pride in being a family owned business which has operated as a debt free company since its inception. Conservative business practices have allowed us to weather economic slow downs and quickly respond to growing demand from our customers. Being debt free allows us to be more competitive with costs while maintaining the highest quality.
Keystone is also proud to do our part to help here at home. We believe a strong America will benefit Keystone, it’s employees, it’s vendors, and the community at large. All raw materials used at Keystone are exclusively domestic materials made here in America. Keystone is proud to be able to claim that 99% of the parts and material used in our products are Made In America

Pile of Thermal Actuators
KME2s are parts manufactured at Keystone


Born out of the thermostat industry in Knoxville, Tennessee, Keystone has grown into one of the premier suppliers of thermal actuators and thermostatic products. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Keystone has a knowledge base that is second to none. Years of experience have led us to develop a thermal actuator that is superior and more reliable than our competitors.

Started in 2005, Keystone has grown from a small corner in a local machine shop to a strong, viable company producing its own parts in its own facilities. We have in-sourced nearly all parts that were once manufactured by our vendors. By investing time and money in to our equipment and training we have taken control of quality and scheduling. Continual improvement has made us better, more efficient, and less costly than other thermostat manufacturers.  

By investing in the company Keystone has been able to expand into other industries as well. We now support many local manufacturers by machining products which they outsource. With modern CNC machining equipment we are able to support the many boat manufacturers in and around east Tennessee along with other local companies and others throughout the United States.  

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