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Whether you need to open or close a valve, operate a switch, or create a motion driven by temperature, Keystone can provide you a custom designed thermal product for your application.

Thermal Actuators

Thermal actuators are the primary component of any wax based thermostat. They are usually supplied as part of an assembly but can be sold by themselves.

Common Uses

  • Automotive OEMs and component manufacturers
  • Aerospace
  • Construction equipment manufacturers
  • Freeze protection devices
  • HVAC and Plumbing
  • Hydraulic heating and cooling equipment
  • Scald protection devices
  • Truck and bus manufacturers
  • Engine Manufacturers

How Thermal Actuators Work

… in a nutshell

How Thermal Actuators Work

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Control Valves

Our control valves are designed to regulate, bypass, or shutoff flow based on temperature.

Simplified Automation and Control

By incorporating a thermal actuator into our valves we create a smart valve. These valves can automate and regulate flow requirements without the need for a power source, electronics, or computer programming. The reliability and repeatability of Keystone’s valves along with their low cost make them a top choice for engineers and manufacturers everywhere.

Common Uses

  • Fuel warmers
  • Water separators
  • Control to Equipment

Spring Return Assemblies

The spring return assembly is the best method of incorporating the thermal actuator into the customer’s product or assembly. Customers can use our custom design, or we can design one to work with new or existing assemblies.

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